Confession: I’m terrible at blogging, I’m a poet.

I am hoping to become a lot more organised with posts (including keeping you up to date with all the upcoming gigs). New school year resolution, promise.

For now, the book launch was incredible and I am still reeling from a full-on festival summer.

To read more about the launch: click here!




BOOK LAUNCH: I Can’t Sleep ’cause My Bed’s On Fire

Had an absolute dream at Latitude this weekend. Was an incredible experience to perform in the poetry arena. Still wondering why anyone lets me have a microphone. Next stop: book launch in two weeks!! Thanks to Harry for my favourite picture of the collection. Imagine him riding up on his bike to the fire station with a book of poetry and having the literary balls to ask for a picture. The firemen were lovely and even offered him a slide down the pole (unsure if innuendo intended, you’ll have to ask him.)

Join me on 31st July, The Betsey Trotwood, 5pm – late. Poems, booze and birthday profiteroles. Invite ya friends >>> www.facebook.com/events/298463780495225/

Books will be sold on the night at £10 (with a message and a lipstick kiss if you’re lucky) and a third of all book sales will go to charity:
Mind – http://www.mind.org.uk/
CALM – https://www.thecalmzone.net/
Refuge – http://www.refuge.org.uk/

Peace and love xoxox


The Saboteur Awards 2016

I won Best Spoken Word Performer 2016 at The Saboteur Awards! I cannot believe it! Thank you so so much to all who voted. I am amazed and honoured and so grateful for the love and support. I got a cute trophy (that’s going in the loo so everyone can see it when they visit) and a huge bottle of gin (that’s going in my room so only I can drink it). Huge love to Burning Eye Books who won Most Innovative Publisher and Harry Gallon for being the runner up for Best Novella. Much love to all!

The Saboteur Awards 2016

AHHHH! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I have been short-listed for Best Spoken Word Performer for The Saboteur Awards. I am absolutely honoured (and more than a little shocked!) It is a public vote, which means I might be even more annoying than usual on the World Wide Web (god forbid).

I just wanted to comment briefly on why I do spoken word. There is no shame in standing in front of a room full of strangers and telling them that you have a mental health issue. Nobody cringes when you tell them you’ve got a headache. There is absolutely no shame in having therapy, taking medication or being admitted to a psychiatric ward. I am proud of who I am, no matter what’s happening with my brain. Spoken word has allowed me to reclaim the shit life has thrown at me. And I hope in my own little way I’m helping people feel that they can do that too. Talking saves lives.

So it’s simple, if you happen to like what I do (videos below) then please vote. Takes 2 secs. I’m already so happy to be short-listed but would love the opportunity to do an embarrassingly rock and roll mic drop acceptance speech at some point in my life so…

(I think you have to vote in 3 categories for your vote to count. I absolutely recommend ‘Burning Eye Books’ for Most Innovative Publisher and ‘The Shape of Dogs’ Eyes’ by Harry Gallon for Best Novella. Obviously feel free to take your pick. I’m 10000% biased and proud of it).

Peace and love, always xoxoxox

In Pursuit of Expression – BOOK REVIEW

Hello. I have had a wonderful review of the collection. Cried on the underground reading it. God damn you, Virgin wifi. I am now one of those people who shares book stuff like the rest of the world shares pictures of cats or cute kids. And all are absolutely okay. Buy a copy here. Peace and love xox

“I read the book in one sitting and, unable to stop thinking about it, had to re-read it again the following day.

There is an openness and honesty about the poems which is what I like most about them. A vulnerability which draws you in like a moth to a light bulb, then makes you feel uncomfortable for intruding. But I think that is exactly the point, it wants you to feel uncomfortable and to question why it is that you can’t look away. These are deeply personal poems, tender and beautiful but also powerful and obstinate. A slalom of emotions. A stiletto heel to the windpipe. A joyride in a stolen car. Cold hands and a warm heart.

I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough. In a time when people are being encouraged to openly discuss mental illness rather than hide from it, I feel that this not only a brilliant collection, but an incredibly important one. One which I imagine was as therapeutic to write as it was to read.”

You can read more of the review here.

I Can’t Sleep ’cause My Bed’s On Fire

It’s ARRIVED! Get your hands on a copy here.

Image of I Can't Sleep Sleep 'Cause My Bed's On Fire

I Can’t Sleep ‘Cause My Bed’s On Fire confronts a search for love against the stark, yet humanising backdrop of the psychiatric institution. Gutsy and honest, Emily Harrison’s poetry is simultaneously cynical and optimistic. In her verse she suggests that coming to terms with her mental health and falling in love are equally challenging, and depicts the consequences – both heartbreaking and hilarious – when the two collide.

Emily Harrison combines precise writing and bold performance, both of which are underpinned by an unflinching honesty. A former member of The Barbican Young Poets, Emily performs regularly in London and across the UK both as a member of The Burn After Reading Collective and as a solo performer. In 2010, Emily won Oxford University’s Christopher Tower Poetry Prize. She has been published in Popshot, Rising and was one of eight poets to have their work on the theme of London showcased at Boxpark, Shoreditch.